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Fehlt noch jemandem etwas zum Thema #DSGVO?

Danke @MacLemon !
Anybody using iOS out there?

Stop Using 6-Digit iPhone Passcodes


Now that police agents can allegedly crack iPhones protected with passcodes made of  six numbers, it’s time to use longer, harder to guess and crack alphanumeric passphrases.
Gilgamesh21 theater bodi end sole Hallein 2018-05-27-19:30

Ich schaue mir gerade den Probenmitschnitt der Theaterproduktion Gilgamesh21 von theater bodi end sole in Hallein/Salzburg an, bei der ich als Musikerin mitspiele. Premiere ist in sechs Wochen, am 27. Mai. Wer in der Nähe ist, sei eingeladen sich dieses Stück anzusehen!


Eine Geschichte, über 4.000 Jahre alt, immer noch und immer wieder aktuell. Es geht um Machtmissbrauch, Allmachtsphantasien, Männerfreundschaft, Frauenentmachtung und Verachtung, Sehnsucht nach ewiger Jugend und Unsterblichkeit.
Film on Peter Herbert

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Just discovered this film about my friend Peter Herbert, amazing human being, bassist, musician.

It is a kind of road movie from 1999 by filmmaker Gerhard Klocker. Loads of great experimental Jazz and orchestral music written by Peter, featuring Rick Margitza, David Tronzo and the likes.

#jazz #experimental
Test 4

Hubzilla to Wordpress
Thanks a lot for poking around and fixing! I will test again once the merge is done.

Let me add, that when I ask about something, I am not asking because I expect you to fix things, but out of interest and because of your expertise (or my lack thereof)! I am very grateful for all the work you and all the others here put into this.

Thanks a million!
Works! Thanks @Mike Macgirvin !
Musical Ciphers

I was aware of the anecdotes about classical composers, but this is a really nice collection.


With Musical Cryptography, Composers Can Hide Messages in Their Melodies | Atlas Obscura
By mapping notes to letters, some musicians sneak secret words into tunes.
Rocket Science

If I ever dedicate an album to someone, it shall be to women in science.

Hamilton in 1969, standing next to the navigation software that she and her MIT team produced for the Apollo project

Ten minutes ago. Telephone rings.

Good afternoon.

"Good afternoon. Can I please speak with June?"

(That's the mother in law, who is visiting). Certainly. May I ask who's calling?

"Margaret Hamilton".

I just about dropped the phone. I had such a crush on Margaret Hamilton when I was younger. And from the voice and the person she was asking to speak with, she would definitely be about the right age.

But alas, the accent. Queensland no doubt. It was quickly apparent that this wasn't the Margaret Hamilton from NASA and MIT.
Last saturday's concert

Still no sound, I know, @Manuel winking face
Working on it (my friend made a video for facebook live grimacing face


They're all a single company now. Buescher originally worked for Conn and made 'Bundy' saxes for Selmer, who later bought/consolidated all the other Elkhart companies. When I was in the industry my shoppe wasn't large enough to make the minimum stocking requirement to become a UMI dealer, so I mostly traded vintage instruments. I've only seen one Aristocrat. Got it from a guy in the Eddie Money band IIRC.
Buescher originally worked for Conn and made 'Bundy' saxes for Selmer, who later bought/consolidated all the other Elkhart companies.

Thanks for the reminder! Yeah!
You had quite prominent customers winking face

Vintage instruments can have the strangest history... my friend is playing a bari-sax of a certain brand that I forgot the name of. The body was built by Conn in the USA in the Fiftees, exported to Germany, where a different company added the keys and pads and all the mechanics and then sold it under their name.

Vintage saxes rule!
You'll probably see references to this elsewhere, but Mark Zuckerberg was also a customer - days after he arrived in Silicon Valley (California) from Harvard. There were many others.
Facebook. The social networking service that gives a whole new meaning to the word "security"

Abuse of 2FA for text message spam.
Facebook Notification Spam Has Crossed the Line


The spamming has even extended to those who sign up for two-factor authentication—which is a great way to turn people off to that extra layer of security.

Facebook’s new efforts often feel so annoying because it’s easy to forget that it's not just a social network, but a for-profit advertising business. The new notifications and features aren’t really that at all—they’re spam and marketing campaigns.

Who would have thought...?
I will let you know, if there is one, Haakon! Can't make any promises, though...
Me too :-/
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Haha, yes Manuel!

I will totally brag about it on Hubzilla and spam everbody's timlines! winking face
Detecting Drone Surveillance with Traffic Analysis

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Detecting Drone Surveillance with Traffic Analysis
Detecting Drone Surveillance with Traffic Analysis

This is clever:
Researchers at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel have built a proof-of-concept system for counter-surveillance against spy drones that demonstrates a clever, if not exactly simple, way to determine whether a certain person or object is under aerial surveillance. They first generate a recognizable pattern on whatever subject­ -- a window, say -- someone might want to guard from potential surveillance. Then they remotely intercept a drone's radio signals to look for that pattern in the streaming video the drone sends back to its operator. If they spot it, they can determine that the drone is looking at their subject.

In other words, they can see what the drone sees, pulling out their recognizable pattern from the radio signal, even without breaking the drone's encrypted video.

The details have to do with the way drone video is compressed:
The researchers' technique takes advantage of an efficiency feature streaming video has used for years, known as "delta frames." Instead of encoding video as a series of raw images, it's compressed into a series of changes from the previous image in the video. That means when a streaming video shows a still object, it transmits fewer bytes of data than when it shows one that moves or changes color.

That compression feature can reveal key information about the content of the video to someone who's intercepting the streaming data, security researchers have shown in recent research, even when the data is encrypted.

Research paper and video.
Clever... clever...
For those wondering

Matthew Green on WhatsApp and Signal group messaging:

If all you want is the TL;DR, here’s the headline finding: due to flaws in both Signal and WhatsApp (which I single out because I use them), it’s theoretically possible for strangers to add themselves to an encrypted group chat. However, the caveat is that these attacks are extremely difficult to pull off in practice, so nobody needs to panic. But both issues are very avoidable, and tend to undermine the logic of having an end-to-end encryption protocol in the first place. (Wired also has a good article.)

So the main lesson here is: test, test, test. This is a strong argument in favor of open-source applications and frameworks that can interact with private-garden services like Signal and WhatsApp. It lets us see what the systems are getting right and getting wrong.

The second lesson — and a very old one — is that cryptography is only half the battle. There’s no point in building the most secure encryption protocol in the world if someone can simply instruct your client to send your keys to Mallory. The greatest lesson of all time is that real cryptosystems are always broken this way — and almost never through the fancy cryptographic attacks we love to write about.
Dutch press kicking ass

Dutch Reporters Stun Trump’s Ambassador by Pressing Him to Admit He Lied About “No-Go Zones”
Dutch reporters simply ignored a plea from the new United States ambassador, Pete Hoekstra, to forget all about the fact that there is video of him lying about their country in 2015. In the video, he insisted that parts of the Netherlands have been surrendered to Islamist radicals that supposedly rule over “no-go zones” for non-Muslims, where Dutch politicians have been set on fire.
“This is the Netherlands; you have to answer questions.”

“This is the Netherlands; you have to answer questions.”

boom! :)

I have been waaaay too loose with making backups in the past, and would like to find an easy to handle solution for Linux and OSX double boot. I think I have to address those two seperately, and while I am at it, I would like to make encrypted backups only from now on.

I would gladly like to hear your opinions on the following questions:

Does anyone have experience with a similar setup? Linux double boot with something else?

Has anyone ever tried restic?

How many backups and in which places do you have?
thanks for the quick reply, that sounds very transparent... still have to decide though, if I am going to use a closed source app on my Linux ;-)
To be clear, I am not encouraging you to do so. I'm just sharing what has been working well for me. If they are legitimate, it feels nice to be supporting a company with the right values concerning data privacy. They do have some source code open on GitHub if you take a look.
No worries! Thanks for sharing! Very much appreciated!
New Project Veritas Dossier Compiles Photos of James O’Keefe’s Known Associates


The Washington Post got lucky. If James O'Keefe's operative had used a fake name, the newspaper would have had a harder time exposing them.
Sicherheit - zu Lasten der Grundrechte

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ccc: Automatische Gesichtserkennung, flächendeckend an Bahnhöfen und Flughäfen

Ich frage mich, wer bei den Europäischen Innenministern so derartig für Überwachung lobbyiert, wäre mal eine interessante Recherche. So viel Dumpfbackentum aus allen Ecken...

Seit Monaten filmen Kameras am Berliner Südkreuz die Reisenden. Das Projekt zur Gesichtserkennung ist ein Liebling von Minister de Maizière und wurde nun verlängert. Bedenken von Datenschützern wischt er beiseite - dabei fehlt jegliche Rechtsgrundlage.
Die gesetzliche Grundlage will Innenminister de Maizière erst noch schaffen, dann will er die Gesichtserkennung möglichst flächendeckend an Bahnhöfen und Flughäfen einführen
Seltsam, irgendwie zerreißt es den Original post.
I think you are missing a [/share] at the end of the post.
Thanks! I accidentally deleted that.
Tracking und Microtargeting im Wahlkampf

Ist Facebook-Tracking mit "sensiblen Daten" erlaubt?


Facebook hat im Nationalratswahlkampf auf sensible Daten wie die politische Einstellung der User zugegriffen. Doch ist das erlaubt? Dazu gibt es verschiedene Rechtsansichten.
Von der österreichischen Datenschutzbehörde war nach mehrmaligen Anfragen allerdings nur eine Standard-Antwort zu bekommen: „Wie Sie wissen, gibt die Datenschutzbehörde außerhalb konkreter Verfahren keine Stellungnahme ab, weil dies das Ergebnis eines möglichen Verfahrens präjudizieren könnte“, heißt es. Anders als in Belgien, Spanien, Frankreich, Niederlande und Deutschland darf die Datenschutzbehörde nämlich nur aktiv werden, wenn ein konkretes Verfahren eingeleitet wird.

[sarcasm]Ob da nicht was falsch läuft mit der österreichischen Daten*schutz*behörde?[/sarcasm]
Und der verlinkte Artikel ist auch ziemlich spannend, über einen Vortrag auf der Privacyweek:

Digitaler Wahlkampf: Von Microtargeting bis zu Dark Posts


Digital-Experte Tom Thaler erzählt, wie Parteien bei der Nationalratswahl digitale Fußabdrücke auf Facebook strategisch gesammelt und zur Kampagnensteuerung ausgewertet haben.

Facebook Pixel zum Tracking
Laut Thaler wurden die Personen, die in die Zielgruppe „noch zu überzeugen“ fallen, aber nicht nur auf Facebook angesprochen, obwohl Facebook rund 90 Prozent des digitalen Wahlkampfes und täglich ein hohes, „bis zu fünfstelliges Budget“ ausgemacht habe.

„Ich selektiere eine Zielgruppe und die verfolge ich auf jeder Plattform. Egal wo. Wenn jemand gerade auf Tinder ist, dann halt dort. Sich auf nur eine Plattform zu konzentrieren, ist 90er-Jahre-Style. Ich mache eine Kampagne und erreiche eine Person dort, wo sie sich gerade aufhält“, meint Thaler. Dazu wird ein Marketing-Tool namens „Facebook Pixel“ eingesetzt.
Good Morning World

I am very much enjoying a slow morning with music.

Dave Douglas - Poses (Rufus Wainwright Cover)
by Jazz Covers on YouTube
Good morning, Sophie! To name you is to invoke wisdom :-)

TIME Person of the Year 2017: The Silence Breakers


The voices that launched the movement against sexual harassment
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Looking for an html5 player

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Ok, you smart people out there, a -possibly stupid- question:

Is there such a thing as a html5 player that works without javascript? Specifically, I am looking for a Wordpress plugin I could use for my new website.

You have my everlasting gratitude for any recommendations.

The <video> and <audio> HTML5 tags bring up a native player without any javascript required.
Is your intent to play videos hosted on your site? In that case, can't you simply use the <video> tag with wordpress, no plugins or javascript required?
Yes, I was probably making things too complicated - I was sure I need a plugin to play audio on my soon-to-be-wordpress-site. Looking through the listed plugins, I could only find stuff that requires javascript.

I would also like to embed videos from Vimeo, but I might not do that, because I think there is no js free solution to that. I still have to decide upon that.

Thanks @mike and @Alexandre Hannud Abdo !