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Evan Parker on Dave Douglas' Podcast

old news, but this is a very beautiful episode of Dave Douglas' podcast from March this year:
ANFTD #49: Evan Parker | Greenleaf Music by Dave Douglas


A Noise From The Deep, the Greenleaf Music Podcast, is proud to present this conversation with Evan Parker, one of the most important...
The summer cafeteria

I have to say is quite ok to have your lunch break from rehearsing in the refreshingly cool cafeteria of Landestheater Salzburg...

Kudos to whoever is doing the artwork.
Very cool, Sophie! :-)
Ich bin ziemlich stolz bei dieser Produktion dabei zu sein.

I am quite proud to be part of this production.

Die älteste überlieferte Geschichte der Welt / Salzburg heute vom 30.05.2018 um 19.00 Uhr


Die Halleiner Theatergruppe "Bodi end sole" bringt den Text des Gilgamesh-Epos (die vermutlich älteste überlieferete Geschichte der gesamten Menschheit) zum 25-Jahr-Jubiläum des Ensembles auf die Bühne.
@h.ear.t | tobias da hast du wohl Recht... beamen?

Das Instrumentarium / The Instruments

Alte Schmiede Hallein
Premiere am Sonntag 27. Mai


2018 – 25 Jahre Theater bodi end sole in Hallein Eine Geschichte, über 4.000 Jahre alt. Spielt sie im Heute, spielt sie im Morgen? Zeit und Raum scheinen aufgelöst. Bühne und Figuren verschmelzen in Reflexionen und Projektionen, tauchen ein in Musik und formen sich immer wieder neu. Auf der Suche nach Selbsterkenntnis, nach dem Kern des Mensch...
Verkehrte Welt / Mad World


links ist oben: left is top
It was about time.
I agree. File system trees' roots are on the left in my imagination, and computer science tree's roots are usually on the top, so 'left is top' sounds good 😃
Hahaha, that is a great explanation!
Favorite Duo Records, Day 5

!Anima Jazz

This is day five of five. My last recommendation for the dear fediverse community.

Gil Evans Steve Lacy Paris Blues
Gil Evans piano, electric piano
Steve Lacy sax
Recorded 1987, released 1988 on Owl Records.

The record was rated 1,5 on AllMusic, user rating is at 4,5 of five stars.

Gil Evans & Steve Lacy - Paris Blues


From the eponymous album
Well, this series of couples has already become a classic very addictive that I expect every day. You can't abruptily stop :-)
heavy black heart
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Maybe somebody feels like taking over winking face
Five records, five days, improvising duos.
Favorite Duo Records, Day 4

!Anima Jazz

Steve Coleman Dave Holland: Phase Space
Steve Coleman sax
Dave Holland bass
Recorded 1991, released 1992 on DIW

Dave Holland & Steve Coleman (Duo) "Syzygy"

Favorite Duo Records, Day 3

!Anima Jazz

Steve Lacy Joëlle Léandre: One More Time
Steve Lacy sax
Joëlle Léandre bass
Recorded 2002, CD release 2005 on Leo Records.

Top 5 Duo Records, Day 2

!Anima Jazz

Stan Getz Kenny Barron: People Time
Stan Getz tenor sax
Kenny Barron piano
Recorded 1991, Released on Polygram 1992

Top 5 Duo Records Day 1

!Anima Jazz

As the title suggests, my five favorite duo records.

Kenny Barron Dave Holland: The Art Of Conversation
Kenny Barron piano
Dave Holland bass
Impulse Records 2014

Kenny Barron & David Holland: Rain

smiling face with smiling eyes
Sunder are looking for feedback from media organizations, activists and nonprofits

Micah Lee 🔑Micah Lee 🔑 wrote the following post Fri, 11 May 2018 05:55:52 +0200
Meet Sunder, a New Way to Share Secrets

Check it out, Snowden and cryptographer Frederic Jacobs originally came up with the concept and it's finally ready for testing. A usable implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing scheme, with crypto implemented in rust.

Sunder is not yet ready for high stakes use cases. It has not been audited and is alpha-quality software. We are looking for early community feedback, especially from media organizations, activists, and nonprofits.
Thank you for that !

From the Mastodon-site of M. Lee a link to an interesting article of him
(Danger !: nothing for paranoid souls. Their sleep would suffer, :-) ) :
It’s Impossible to Prove Your Laptop Hasn’t Been Hacked. I Spent Two Years Finding Out. (2018)
@Alimentazione e quello che sta intorno Glad you liked it! And yes, the Intercept article is great!
Kaffee / Coffee

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Guten Morgen!

Our mornings appear strikingly similar. But I'm not civilized enough for a saucer.
Good evening, gents!

@Andrew Manning This photo only shows part of the truth winking face
Finding a horizontal surface that is so sparsely populated would be a huge challenge in this house.
Grüße aus Berlin Mitte

Manchmal bekomme ich spezielle Anfragen...
I do get special requests at times...

Carlos Puebla Hasta siempre Comandante

Random Amsterdam pic #3 and #4


Here is the thing: whenever I come to Amsterdam, the weather is really, really nice. I was living here long enough to know that this is not the real Amsterdam weather. This is what it looks like on the very few occasions, when there is almost no wind and the sun comes through for more than half a minute. Sometimes I get the impression, that Amsterdam is doing this on purpose, just so I know how beautiful it can be and for me to make it harder to leave.

What a great place. What an amazing experience to be guest at my friend's work-space. We had a ball. And we were productive.

Random Amsterdam pic


I took a trip on a train.... to rehearse with my cool clarinet friend Oguz Büyükberber for some concerts we are doing in June and September.

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Fehlt noch jemandem etwas zum Thema #DSGVO?

Danke @MacLemon !
Anybody using iOS out there?

Stop Using 6-Digit iPhone Passcodes


Now that police agents can allegedly crack iPhones protected with passcodes made of  six numbers, it’s time to use longer, harder to guess and crack alphanumeric passphrases.