Hubzilla Projectplan 20/21: Home

Tasks related to zot6 transition

  • Release Hubzilla 5.0
  • Payment requested
  • Payment received

  • Implement separate zot6 DM view

  • Move legacy private mail to diaspora addon

  • Sunset legacy zot

Tasks related to UI/UX improvements

  • Complete files app web interface feature set
    Implement move, copy and rename functionality to web interface for directories and files. This is only possible via webdav at the moment.

  • Implement directory download in files app

  • Improve permissions handling
    Improve workflow for setting permissions and streamline the way permissions are set across all relevant modules.

  • Simplify registration process

  • Guest access tokens
    Improve workflow for dealing with guest access tokens and provide quick access where applicable.

  • Improve apps usability
    Add drag and drop pinning/starring and drag and drop sorting of apps in app tray, implement app descriptions.

  • Improve PDL editor usability
    Create an UI for the PDL editor. The UI will allow to drag and drop the building blocks with the mouse.

  • Import public content
    Implement fetching of public content which is not yet available on the hub by pasting the link to the conversation into the searchbar.

  • Implement constant use of aria attributes for better accessibility

  • General polish of the web interface
    Getting rid of the remaining rough edges.

  • Address WCAG certification review issues

Tasks related to core refactoring

  • Implement a dashboard
    Add a dashboard which provides a welcome page after login. Various widgets will provide an overview of recent activities.

  • Move articles app from core to addon

  • Move cards app from core to addon

  • Move wiki app from core to addon

Tasks related to security

  • Address security quickscan issues and release with fixes
    As part of the support by NGI Zero Hubzilla will get a security quickscan. This task fixes any
    issues that come out of that quickscan.