Hubzilla 3.2 Released!

The Hubzilla 3.2 release cycle was mostly dedicated to performance and usability improvements. We have managed to significantly improve the performance of item table queries. This means that the network and channel streams and also the notification updates are loading significantly faster now. In fact the whole app feels snappier.
Under the hood performance has been improved by implementing the zot6 protocol for item deliveries. This saves a verification callback and basically doubles delivery performance on both ends of the connection.
The user experience has been enhanced by streamlining the registration and channel creation process. A new member widget has been introduced to provide easy accessible, useful links for newcomers.
Work is being done to implement cross protocol compatible shares, polls, and events. This work is ongoing and about half way implemented.

Here is the list of the most notable changes:

  • Rename Addon/Feature settings to Addon Settings
  • Move privacy groups feature setting to the newly created Access Control and Permissions features tab
  • Require directory servers to be using some modern form of encryption
  • Change icon set from font-awesome to fork-awesome
  • Mark connections where we do not have post_comments permissions with an no entry sign
  • Provide DB compatibility for poll and voting implementations across several platforms
  • Introduce the summary bbcode
  • Refactor the DB update system
  • Provide option to block the public stream unless authenticated
  • Refactor shares and turn shares into activities
  • Show likes and dislikes in notices if always_show_in_notices is set
  • Implement zot6 delivery
  • Remove mobile_detect library
  • Alter image selection widget to accept/submit on choose
  • Surface the ability to change the landing page after channel creation
  • New module "go" to present several possible things to do after channel creation
  • Improve browser language detection
  • New image cropper library to also support touch devices
  • Provide channel list function in the zot api
  • Introduce a local pubstream option to show content from this site only
  • Introduce the articles feature
  • Markdown in posts/comments feature moved to plugins
  • Support for tables in markdown
  • Numerous code simplifications, general cleanup and bugfixes

A big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

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Show likes and dislikes in notices if always_show_in_notices is set

My initial thought was that this could be used to show fewer likes/dislikes, but after being unsuccessful in causing that to happen and reading it several more time, I think I've realized that its only purpose is to show more likes/dislikes. Is this correct?
@marshall we were not showing likes and dislikes in notices when always_show_in_notices was on. We do so now.
There are filters to just show toplevel posts for home and network notifications...
I was hoping someone had read my mind and had given me a way to hide likes/dislikes in the network activity notifications, :-). There is an option for showing just new posts, but if you want comment notifications, you get likes and dislikes. If I recall, behind the scenes they are actually comments, so that is understandable.