Bye, bye GitHub!

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You all probably already noticed that GitHub was recently bought by Microsoft. See here if you have not.

After a brief orientation period the Hubzilla community decided to move the sourcecode to an independent, freedom-loving GitLab instance at Framasofts

To get the latest and greatest Hubzilla code, you need to point your installation to the new sourcecode location. This is pretty simple:

cd into your Hubzilla root directory and execute this command:
git remote set-url origin

For the addons: cd into your Hubzilla addons directory (probably extend/addon/hzaddons) and execute this command:
git remote set-url origin

Please do the same for the widget and theme repos if you already added those from GitHub.

The GitHub repos will not receive any updates anymore but will stay intact for a short transition period.
Issues and bugreports should be reported and discussed at for core and for addon issues.

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Thanks for the help. But I give up and start from scratch :-(

Yes, I had the addon.git in the root config. Fixed that. Tried all suggestions: stash and drop, checkout -- ., every form of pull.

A "pull" results in a list of some files that "would be overwrittten" - core files that I never touched (knowingly).
A "status" still lists all (but the addons folder) as "modified" and suggests to pull, add or checkout - but none of those change anything or fail.

Sigh, I'm used to TFS at work and git is a total mystery to me
The good thing: everything worked out as described on the actual Thank you again.

The git chaos as described above happened on a local dev copy - will start that one from scratch
Maybe someone more experienced than me can contribute to this discussion?